trying to adjust the height of my logos in the clients widget

  • Hello Ian,

    I just replied to your email.

    Let me know if that doesn’t help.

    Hi Hans,
    Sorry, this is my first time with WordPress. Where abouts can I modify the HTML for the specific images?

    Hi Ian,

    You can edit it in the clients.php filed located in the Sections folder.

    Or go to Appearance > Editor. Expand the sections folder and select clients.php.

    However, most of the HTML is located within the Clients Widget.

    So if you wan to customize the CSS for the clients section use the Custom CSS field in the Custom Code section in Parallel Options Panel.

    Use the following CSS selector,

    .clients img {width:100%;}

    You can change the percentage to whatever you want.

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    Hello Ian,

    That is because part of the clients section is also controlled by the Clients Widget.

    So you would need to edit that code as well.

    That is located in the /inc/widgets.php file.

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