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  • Hello,
    I followed your instructions to update my theme (Integral Pro 1.2.6). I use a “child” theme and I do not have a button to upgrade it. I activated the main theme to try to update it but I do not have an update button either.
    Thank you in advance for your help,

    Yann MALNOE

    Bonjour Yann,

    The ability to do remote updates was introduced in versions after 1.2.6.

    So you will have to update manually and I can then generate a license key for you for future updates.

    Do you still have access to your account to download the latest version of Integral Pro?

    Hello Hans,

    Yes I have access to my account and my shopping. If I understand correctly I have to go the page of my purchase and that I download by clicking on the old link. Will I download the correct version?

    Then I suppose thats I have to follow the procedure on the support page “How to install & setup Integral”.

    What will happen between the time I install the update and when you will generate the license key? Will my site still be accessible during this period?

    Thanks for your help

    Bonjour Yann,

    Yes, log into your account and download the theme again, it will be the latest version.

    Then manually install the theme again, https://support.themely.com/knowledgebase/installation/

    Let me know when that is done and I will generate a license key for you.

    Your site will always be available even if the license key is not activated.

    Hello Hans,

    I just installed the theme locally with Flywheel. I made a copy of the site online.
    I’m having trouble viewing:

    1) with the contact page I use contactform7 and the textarea field does not size correctly. It exceeds in width. He goes out of the screen to die. If I set a size [textarea your-message 40×10] the size is not taken into account.

    2) always with contactform7 the Acceptance Checkboxes are centered and the text is written on the line below. There is an unwanted carriage return. The centering of the Acceptance Checkbox is not wanted either.
    Here is the code [acceptance acceptance-19] You agree that the data entered in this form will be used to contact you as part of your request. [/ Acceptance]

    3) “In the project grid section” there are 3 columns. Since the update, a scrollbar has appeared to the right of each column. The text is totally displayed. I do not find the solution to no longer display these scroll bars.

    I try wiht PHP 5.6.20, 7.0.3 and 7.3.2

    Thanks for your help,


    Hello Yann,

    Can you provide a link to your website so I can have a look?

    Also, did you clear your browser cookies and cache before viewing the site after the update?

    The online website is not updated, it uses the old version of the theme. The website address is: http://www.triskell-consulting.com

    I have a problem for now with the local version of the website. I used Flywheel to test the update before putting it online.
    I cleared my browser and cache before viewing the site after the update
    You will find below a link to download an updated site backup with the new version of the theme. The backup was done with All-in-one WP Migration.

    To connect to the site I have defined the following user:
    The login is: ymalnoe
    The password is: V!ua776*q5q7gtpeXVxWKT((

    here are screenshots of what does not work:

    Hello Hans,

    Did you receive my previous message

    best regards


    Hello Yann,

    Urggh for some reason I am not receiving notifications of replies to support tickets.

    I will review your latest message and respond first thing tomorrow morning.

    Apologies for the delay.

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    Hello Yann,

    I have never seen this issue before.

    It looks like some code in the theme files must have been edited.

    Are you able to provide a link with admin access to your site so I can log in and have a look?

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    Hello Yann,

    I logged into your website and see you have an old version of Integral Pro, version 1.2.6 which is 3 years old.

    Also, you have many plugins enabled.

    I would start by disabling plugins until the problem disappears. Then you will have identified the problematic plugin.

    Also, I would suggest you update to the latest version of Integral Pro.

    You can log into your account and download the latest version.

    If you have any issues, please let me know.

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