Upgrade Not Entirely Completed

  • I upgraded from Integral-Lite to Integral Pro & Integral Pro Child. My customizations are missing from the home page (or something is missing). Please see http://themanagementagency.com/

    I have the following installed:
    Integral Pro Child (active),
    Integral Pro Version: 1.2.3
    Integral 1.0.16
    Integral Child Version: 1.0.1465276295.

    Before upgrading the site was working fine. I followed all of the “How to upgrade Integral Lite (Free) to Pro version” instructions precisely. I did reset the home page. Something’s not right here. All of the internal pages seem to be loading properly. My homepage graphics are missing and the layout is screwed up. Menus are showing up in each section. Please advise.

    Also, on the Homepage Layout tab of General Settings, there is still this: Upgrade to unlock this feature. I thought my purchase of the Pro version would eliminate that prompt.


    Excellent! Thanks so much for your prompt support. I have all my content backed up locally. Everything is working as it should now.

    Excellent, happy to hear that!

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