Use custom fonts?

  • Hi there – what’s the best way to use custom fonts with Parallel Pro? I had hoped to add them so they would appear in the General Settings, Typography lists. Otherwise, I guess I can add them via custom code? Thanks!

    Hello @alodibble

    We have already integrated Google Fonts in the Typography settings but if you are looking to add another font you can add it directly via the header.php file or in the style.css file.

    Hi Hans – thanks for getting back; unfortunately I got distracted since your reply!

    Is there any reason I shouldn’t add the additional @font-face declarations, along with ‘font-family’ overrides for the ‘body’ and ‘.hero h1’ styles to ‘Custom CSS’ under ‘Parallel Options’/’Custom code’? That seems to work fine for me. I’m hoping this means my change will survive theme updates, but the disadvantage is that you can’t use the Typography tools as they can’t see the additional font.



    Yes that is a good place to put it, that way it will survive the theme updates.

    We probably have to update the Google fonts provided with the theme.

    So that should be fixed at some point so you’ll be able to use the Typography dropdown.

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