use the wp fastest cache plugin.

  • hello~
    i recently installed the “wp fastest cache plugin” to make faster on my site.
    the “wp fastest cache plugin” pro version supports for the mobile caching which different from pc caching only for seperatied site both mobile theme and pc theme not a responsive theme.

    so, my site is showing on the mobile as a pc templates .. i putted some ad scripts in the source..
    the some ad must be showned only for mobile..

    how can i fix it..
    the wp cache plugin says.. i must use a different themes with pc themes… but novapress-pro is responsicve themes…
    do you have any solutions for that??
    please help me with any comments.
    thank you.

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    the plugin name is “wp fastest cache”


    If your theme is not responding to mobile devices then it could be an issue with your cache settings. Or the plugin itself.

    Novapress Pro is definitely responsive.

    I have not tested the theme with the WP Fastest Cache plugin, so I can not guarantee 100% compatibility.

    My other recommendation to clear you cache manually after you have activated the plugin. I hope this will solve your problem.

    If this does not solve the issue for you, I sadly don’t have a solution for you at the moment.

    I might be able to do some basic testing with WP Fastest Cache in the future, but I can not give any guarantees.

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