Using facebook comments, it said: more than one OG URL

  • Hi I’am using facebook comment plugin on my site:
    when anyboby puts an comment, it says: more than one OG Url specified.
    And only after i refresh the webpage, it can be shown in the comments area. Also it seems that comments can’t be published on its own facebook page.
    Would help me figure out the problem? Thanks

    PS: i also allow wordpress original comments at the same time. Do the infect each other?

    Hello there,

    It seems that you have conflict between two of your plugins. Could you try disabling Yoast SEO or Social Pug and try again?


    Hi Piotrek,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I tried to disable one or both, but found it still the same.

    But later I found this odd thing:
    When it is the first facebook comment on the post, it will show the “more than one OG URL specified” message. But when it comes to the second, the third, and more, the message would not appear any more, and the comment just showed right away.

    Is there any explaination for that?


    Hello there,

    Did you clear cache after you disabled plugins?
    If it won’t work, you might want to contact author of Facebook Comments plugins for the fastest debugging process.

    If you require any further information, let me know.


    Thanks,I’ll try again.

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