Using the One-page template (Home) twice

  • Hi everyone, how are you ?

    I would like to use the “One-page template (Home)” twice, to create two versions of the homepage, each in different language, one of the languages is LTR. I tried to create 2 pages, both using that template, but I can’t separate them, each page affects the another, changing the title here changes it there!

    So how can I do it please ?

    I really need it! I like the theme so much, it fits my needs perfectly!

    Hi @barasec

    Happy to hear you like the theme.

    Unfortunaely it cannot be used for 2 pages with the One-page Template layout.

    The theme was designed to be a one-page theme and focus all the important content on the homepage.

    The only other solution is to create a separate site in a sub-directory.

    I hope that answers your questions.


    I was thinking about if it’s possible to make a new template, by copying this template’s files and uploading them to the server using FTP, changing their names, but would the new template just appear magically in the menu (in the “new post” area) ? and its “tools” in the customization area ?

    Yes it would appear, but when you edit the settings in Integral Options, both pages would have the same content. Basically a duplicate.

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