Video Clip as Featured Image

  • Hi,

    I am using the Integral Pro version and posted several videos in the Homepage Projects Grid Section. I currently have a Photo as the Featured Image on each video, but I would like to do something different. How can I make the Featured Image a short Video Clip that kind of previews the actual Video? For example, I used the Master Slider Widget in the Homepage Projects Grid Section and you can see short video clip preview playing of the Slider. It looks pretty cool. I would like to have a video clip preview as the “Featured Image” playing and then people could hit the “Play” button and get the entire video to play. I see it a lot on YouTube where a video clip preview plays over videos. Any suggestions?


    Hello Don,

    Unfortunately what you are asking would involve custom developing and coding.

    This would fall more into the territory of functionality where a plugin could provide the solution.

    I would suggest searching the Plugin directory for something which meets your needs.

    Then you can use the Extra 1 or Extra 2 sections with a widget to get your desired effect.

    Hope that helps.

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