web site making

  • Please i buy a template from you and i have the licence key.so i want know is there a limit of web site i could make with the template.
    can i use it to make more than one website….thanks for your attention .
    very nice template and working perfectly
    so tanks again .

    Hello Mike,

    I’m glad to know you find the theme useful 🙂

    You can use it on as many websites as you wish, there are no limits.

    ok so i have one theme active on a server this is my test site where i build all the final web site .but now i try to installe the theme on the final server for my client with de licence key but it do not active all option for the theme why ? should i remove the licence key from my test server.
    so if it is the case i can not use it as many websites like you said.
    it say inactive site when i try to activate my key
    thanks for your attention


    You mentioned that not all the options are available.

    Did you purchase Integral Pro?

    If so, make sure you’ve installed the Integral Pro theme, then installed the Elemental Pro Child Theme.

    Activating or deactivating your license will not affect the theme options or settings.

    It is used for automatic updates only.

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