Welcome Background Overlay no longer works

  • Using Pro 1.2.8

    The dark overlay on the image in the welcome unit no longer works. (Toggling on off does not change anything).

    This was working in 1.2.7.

    Actually, it appears it’s not working in any unit (Testimonials, CTA, Newsletter), making the text in those units very hard to read.

    It is working on our development site.

    I just tested again and I was not able to replicate your issue.

    Please make sure there are no plugins which could be causing Javascript conflicts or errors on the page.

    Do you use Firebug extension for Firefox? Do you detect and JS errors on the page?

    I think it was caused because I’m using a child theme (to keep my modifications after upgrading to 1.2.8) and there was a problem loading style.css. I’ve reset the style.css in the child theme, it seems to work correctly now. Sorry for the false positive.

    No worries, good to know it works now.

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