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  • Hi,

    I’ve bought a integral pro theme for my WordPress and I’m very happy to it, but I need to translate my website in English and Italian, French is the main language.

    I would like to translate manually my website because automatic translator plugin not suit me well.

    Therefore I’m using a WPGlobus Plugin.

    It work fine but i don’t have the possibility to translate your blocks.

    You can see my website here : https://www.oriade.net/

    On the right of the menu it’s a WPGlobus plugin (translate manually) and on the top it’s an automatic translator (which will disappear when i finish).

    It’s impossible to translate manually the bloc with the city in background because it’s define in Integral Option -> Welcome and not in my home page in Page List.

    Thank you in advance.


    Hello Alexis,

    I have responded to your support ticket via email.

    Please check your email.


    I haven’t received your email, I only received this message above.

    Can you send back this email please?

    Thank you !

    Hello Alexis,

    I have resent the email to your @viacesi.fr email address.

    I has returned to me again. So I will post the contents of the email here,

    We have never tested Integral Pro with the WPGlobus translation plugin.

    We have tested it with WPML and can confirm it integrates with it.

    So unfortunately I cannot offer you much help with WPGlobus.

    However, I just did a quick Google search and found this https://wpglobus.github.io/wpglobus-api-docs/wpglobus/class-WPGlobus_Options.html

    Integral Pro uses the Redux Framework for theme options. It looks like they have an option to make Redux Framework work with WPGlobus.

    However, it will require some coding and customization which won’t be easy for a beginner. If you have knowledge of WordPress coding you can make it work.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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