WooCommerce Changing Main Menu Links and Remove Sidebars

  • Hi Hans,

    I hope you’re well!

    I’ve started using WooCommerce with my Serenity Pro Theme. When I navigate to a WooCommerce page, the main menu links no long navigate to the one page sections, as a slug is added to the menu links. Could you please help me fix this issue?

    Also, how do I remove the sidebars on my Product pages? The page template keeps reverting from Full Width to Default.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.




    You should add a forward slash (/) in front of the menu links.

    So #about should be /#about

    That will link to the proper sections on the home page.

    As for the Woocommerce pages, you will have to edit the theme file for Woocommerce.

    Navigate to Appearance > Editor and select woocommerce.php

    Delete line 23 and save your changes.


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