WooCommerce Full Width page Code for Integral Theme Lite

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    Hello Support
    Can you please provide the code and location for making Woocommerce FULL PAGE in the Integral Theme.
    Thank you
    Much appreciated.


    You have a full-width page template included with Integral.

    Located the Store page with the [woocommerce] shortcode and select the Full-width page template from the Page Attributes dropdown.

    Hi Hans,
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I have tried this in quick edit.. changed from default to full width and updated but it doesn’t work. It keeps the page as default…any thoughts why this is happening? Interestingly – in full edit mode ” there is no option that drops down in page attributes…The option is there in regular pages but not in woocommerce pages


    Hello Charlie,

    Are there any widgets assigned to the Right Sidebar?

    Can you also share the link to your site so I can have a look?

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