WPML strings translations do not work

  • Hi Hans,

    I am trying to use WPML. Some of the strings are visible, but some of the ‘administrator’ ones are not captured by WPML, even when I try manually show WPML which ones I want to have translated. Can you please help?


    Hello Lech,

    The Administrator strings you want to add are they related to the theme itself of the WordPress core?

    Also, can you send me a screenshot of the strings in question?

    I will try to help.

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    Hello @lech

    Try searching for them using the search input in both languages.

    If you have added them manually to the strings translation they should technically be there.

    If that doesn’t work please provide me with admin access so I can log in and have a look.

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    Hello Lech,

    As much as I would love to help you further, I am not the developer of WPML.

    You should contact their support team for further assistance.

    Keep in mind there are different elements to translate (ie: Widgets, Pages, Posts and Settings).

    So make sure you are looking for the correct strings when trying to translate the remaining strings.

    Here is the link to their support site, https://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/

    Hopefully they will be able to help you further.

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