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  • Hello,

    Which images are you referring to specifically? Background images or images displayed within the content and sections?

    Can you provide us with a link to your site?

    To change the titles/headers go to Appearance > Customize > Typography.


    Questions #1: This issue would be related to whichever scheduling plugin you are using or to the core scheduling feature in WordPress and not related to the theme itself. You can try deleting the post and re-creating it. Also, check the Status & Visibility settings for that post.

    Question #2: If you made any changes to the theme PHP or CSS files the update will have over-written those changes. Which is why it’s always better to use a child theme. Did you or we make any changes to the files?


    First, make sure you are using the latest version of Serenity Pro which is version

    Second, deactivate all plugins except those required by the theme and let me know if the problem persists. It could be a conflict with another plugin.

    If that doesn’t fix the issue please let me know.


    I just checked out your site and I see what you mean.

    Can you provide me with admin access to your site so I can log in and have a look for you?

    I think it’s just a configuration issue.

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    Yes, when you add child menu items to a parent, it automatically becomes and anchor for mobile devices. Otherwise on mobile devices when trying to open the sub-menu, it would take you directly to the Services section or page.

    If you would like it to behave differently I would suggest installing and using this menu plugin

    You will just need to modify the header.php file of our theme to insert the php code for the megamenu plugin.


    That does sound strange.

    First, can you make sure you’re using the latest version of Integral Lite?

    That would be version 1.4.8.

    Second, it could be a 3rd party plugin causing some sort of conflict. Try disabling all plugins, except those required by the theme, and see when the problem disappears. Then you will have identified the problematic plugin.

    Lastly, if none of those options work, please provide me with admin access to your site so I can log in and have a look. Make sure to select Set as private reply when responding.

    Hello Rob,

    For the width of the contact form you can use the following CSS code,

    .wpcf7 {width:auto;}

    You can also increase the font size for mobile devices using some CSS.

    Hello Wes,

    Navigate to Appearance > Editor and select the sections folder, then the blog.php file.

    Delete line 35-37.

    That should do it.

    You’re welcome.

    Hey Jeff,

    Hmm ok, strange. I will investigate.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    It doesn’t do this on our development site so I’m guessing it must be conflicting with another plugin.

    Hey Rob,

    Navigate to Appearance > Editor and select the sections folder. The files you see control the one-page template sections.

    Hello Rob,

    Well, you’ll need to use the Developer Tools feature in your browser (ctrl + Shift, i).

    Or you can inspect the php files themselves to locate the proper CSS selectors to target.

    But this is more for advanced WordPress users.

    Here’s an example,

    .contact {bacground-color:#000;}

    That will change the background color of the contact section to black.

    You can change the wording by editing line 36 of the extras.php file.

    Go to Appearance > Editor and select the /inc/ folder, then select extras.php

    Hello Rob,

    The ability to changed background and content colors is only available in the Pro version.

    Or you can use some CSS code to make the changes yourself.

    Yes it is always recommended to use a child theme however, if you add custom CSS in the Additional CSS field in the Customizer, it won’t get over-written when you update.

    So what you’ve done is ok.