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  • Hello klaus,

    We are currently working on an update which we should be ready to release tomorrow (Monday) or the day after.

    This will allow you to go to anchors on the home page from secondary pages, and also highlight the homepage anchors when you select them.

    Once we release the update you will be able to download it from your Customer Dashboard.

    I will inform you once it is released.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Excellent, happy to hear that!

    The file which controls the welcome section is located in /sections/hero.php

    You can use the Master Slider plugin.

    You can download it from the WordPress Plugins directory.

    It will have instructions on how to implement into your theme.

    Yes that is correct, you will need to use a plugin.

    That feature is included in the Pro version of Integral. You can upgrade here


    I have added some css code in the Custom Code section of Integral Options.

    They are several break points (media quieries) for different mobile device sizes.

    You can tweak it as you need.

    Also, you will see I hide the box shadow (grey border).

    Please provide me with login access and I will make the changes for you.

    When you say “light-grey border” are you referring to the shadow effect at the top and bottom of the welcome image?

    If yes, you can comment that out in the style.css file.

    Here are the two CSS classes to look for,


    Comment out

    drop-shadow: 0 -3px 6px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4) inset


    My apologies for the delay.

    You can use some custom CSS and a mobile media quiery to adjust the height and width of the welcome section on mobile devices. Currently it set to be 100% of the window height on mobile devices, but you can set it to be 100% width and auto adjust the height.

    If you go in the style.css file of the theme, at the bottom, there is a section for mobile device specific CSS code.

    The “trim” at the top is aprox 70px.

    Also, you will want to reduce the welcome image in size, it is very large and takes a few seconds to load. You can reduce it down to 1920px wide which will work with most screen sizes.

    Hope that answers your questions.

    I would recommend 1920px width. That will work on most desktops.

    As for the welcome area BG image, it takes up 100% of the height of that section. If we had it adjust like on desktops, it would cut off the text inside that section.

    Also, on mobile devices parallax effects don’t work too well so they are disabled.

    You can change the color of those icons by overriding the default stylesheet class for those icons.

    Use this code in the Custom CSS box of the Custom Code section.

    .contact ul.socials li a {color:#333;}

    You can change the color to whatever you want.

    Those issues where fixed in the latest version. Probably a good idea to update if you can.

    Your welcome!

    If you can provide cpanel access I can do the necessary backup.

    It’s ALWAYS recommended to do a backup when making changes like this.

    Updating the theme should not delete an of your data but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Also, in version 1.0 the content sections (About, Services, Contact text) are edited in the Options Panel. In the new version it’s done thru pages. So whatever content you have in there you will need to migrate to a page. Which is why it’s probably better to install a fresh version, migrate your content then change the URL.