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    Hello Hans,

    The website is i just switch off the maintenance mode, so you can see it right now. I can provide even user id access.

    The main issue is on the main page.
    The first one is the “Welcome” section, available from the Customization menu.
    On “Title Line 22nd line of the title” i input my Italian text and i can’t input the same text in english version.
    From WPML, looking for the string, there’s no way.

    Different thing but with same result at the “Work” section: I’ve selected the content (italian) to show as per instruction, but swiching from Italian to english and viceversa the content do not switch properly. (of course there’s a Italian and English version of the same content and they are linked).

    Same situation with “Stats” …”Call to Action 2″…


    Dear Piotr,
    I’ve follow a lot of way to solve it, but after 5 months from purchase i am in the same point.
    I’ve payed a freelancer even to solve it, and he share some information with your staff (Hans) by email, but he (Hans) say that is a WPML issue.
    But the problem was the same with Polylang! Infact if you check my first post you can see as i ask for polylang.
    I have the same WPML version in others website but only with Parallel theme i have this problem.

    Dear Hans
    Sorry but i still have a couple of problems with the theme translation.
    I’m using WPML.
    I’m able to translate the strings, but i’m looking some forms or words currently not present in to the string list.
    Just a simple example:
    By Parall Pro the native language is English, so going to “Call to Action 2” on the Parallel Options, i can write the call to action in English or Italian, but not both.
    So the question is, how can i add those sections in more languages?
    Just to be more precised:
    On the Parallel Pro Demo, on the Call to action 2, we have:

    “Build Your Website with Parallel
    Lorem ipsum veniam adipisicing cupidatat dolor do adipisicing commodo.”

    Now, i can customize with my call to action, but how can i add one more language?

    Using widgets i can select wich language have to be visible or not, but with the single section i can’t do it.

    Maybe the solution is easy and on front of me, but nothing…

    Dear Hans
    Thanks for your help but i not solved it yet. I can try to explain better my goal.
    For example: from the theme options i can change the header text so i can customize the text from
    “A professional WordPress theme for freelancers, agencies and businesses. Create a stunning website in minutes.”
    to my custom text.
    In the *pot file there’s no this text to can be transalte. So when i switch from language to language the header keep same.
    Maybe i’m doing something wrong.
    please let me understand…

    Same thing with other sections. With the “Our Work” section, i can assign only a
    page to populate the section.