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  • I got it all to display now. I haven’t received any errors so far. Would you be able to fix these java errors? How much would it cost? Also, are you able to fix any Google Speed Insight issues?

    I followed the instructions again, this time making another page for the Home page. This new one called Home.

    I also changed the posts to display on the Blog. They do now.

    The picture still does not display. The Features are displaying but are partially covered by the logo. There are no “fonts” displaying for pictures under Features.

    The home page is set, it just goes by a different name. It’s a hangover from a previous theme. Just like Blog was called Articles, but it’s not working on this theme.

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    Can you recommend someone that can look into this?

    I followed the instructions provided.
    I’ve added my 1600px picture everywhere I can find and it doesn’t display.

    Also, for some reason the Features are not displaying. I’ve entered the data for 4 of them and the section is enabled.
    Instead, my posts are displaying.

    It is I’m trying out different child themes, optimal, etc.

    I am so far unable to get it to look like the demos.