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  • And with the latest update the issue is back again on Integral…can you fix? And maybe think about doing regression testing when releasing an update? Thanks!

    I changed from dark to lite by deleting the ‘dark’ part. For instance ‘Bigtitle_dark’ to ‘Bigtitle’. If I change dark to lite then it doesn’t work.

    But…The bigtitle is ok, the subtitle below the bigtitle is ok. What is not ok is the ‘CONTACT INFO’ above the address/telnumber/etc. Also the icons for social media are still white, so not visible.

    I tried to change the class=”fa fa-youtube fa-lt”, but don’t know what to change it in. Or if it is correct to change that

    Additional help please, thanks!

    I am using Integral Lite

    It was fixed with the latest update of the theme.

    Ok, I just found out I had to install another plugin to get the extra widgets. Found it. Thanks!

    Hi, I was checking the widgets. For instance if I take the Features widgets. The help text says I should put a widget in with the name Parallel – Feature Widget. On the left in the screen there is no such widget. The same goes for the others like testemonials, team brands, etc.

    Ok, I will have another look at the widgets.Then get back to you. Thanks so far.

    I have the same problem. It has nothing to do with the hight of the picture in my case. Even when turning back to the demo images it fails to do it right. Problem is that it does not start on top of the image. No matter which setting you choose. I saw you had this issue before and fixed it with an update. Now maybe this issue has returned with the latest update? I updated the theme this week with the lates version. Maybe something to check?

    Wait…found it! Thanks!

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