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  • Hans – you rock! Thank you for everything.

    With the one exception being that I haven’t figured out where to place target=”_blank” to get the buttons to open in a new tab, everything else looks to be working extremely well.


    And if you can show me exactly where in the code to place target=”_blank”, I will take care of that.


    Hans – should have read this before responding to our other thread…will FTP the hero.php but I am still not sure at what point/spot on Lines 29 and 42 to enter target=”_blank”

    That said, I will play with it and get back to you today.

    Thanks again

    Wow – I am now seeing options that I hadn’t seen before such as the color options. Thanks.

    Unfortunately, the Welcome area doesn’t want to appear – but everything else looks good.

    I think I am missing something – won’t be the first time. 🙂
    I reset the Color Settings and all I have is the option to check the transparent box – so if I select Transparent for the Background color in the Dark Areas (Footer), the H2 Big Title is white by default so it disappears…same with the Small Title and the social media icons.

    Am I correct that the only 2 choices for colors are the defaults or transparent? If that’s the case, I don’t mind the white/transparent background in the Contact section but would like to figure out how to change the default #ffffff for the Big and Small Title Fonts and social media icons. As well as the messages that Contact Form 7 use to show [ex] your message has been sent and there has been a problem/error etc.

    Hope I am making sense.

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    The Welcome area now appears to be missing…

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Per your suggestions, I unchecked the “transparent” box for Theme Color.

    I also unchecked all boxes for “Transparent” on the General > Coor Settings section.

    That said, the text and hyperlink text are still difficult to see on the desktop, laptop, and mobile (Samsung 6 phone). (Desktop and laptop were in both Chrome and Firefox.

    Finally, there was another form plug-in that I have deactivated and uninstalled but the form still appears to be having problems – specifically the fields are extending too far to the right.