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  • I’ve removed nbsp in the home so the horizontal scroll bar disappeared, but it appears in this page

    I will give you a temporary access to worpress to see the configuration

    Hello Hans, I’ve disabled and removed TinyMCE but I’ve already the same problem.. I’ve removed & nbps from homepage but I’ve the scroll bar issue at the first link of the menu (Studio) but there aren’t “& nbps” tags in that page, in other pages is everything ok.

    these are the plugins installed

    Hello Hans,
    I’ve tried insert br tag but it will automatically transformed in nbsp tag! 🙁
    very strange!!

    tag inserted


    I’ve also asked to master slider support forum and they gave me a tip, to add a custom code on the slide
    .master-slider-parent { margin-top: 30px; }
    so it seem better

    My screen resolution is 1920×1080 px (full hd monitor)

    Hello Hans,
    thanks for reply,
    I’ve added your ip so you can see the website

    & nbsp; is inserted in the home after H4 tag closed, not in the title.
    Without “& nbsp;” the lower scrollbar disappear in the home

    with internet explorer (11) I don’t have the problem with down scroll bar and the page is show correctly, with mozilla and chrome it appears

    I think I’ve found a bug, when I insert a “& nbsp;” in the homepage at down page apperas the horizontal scrollbar, without “& nbsp;” it not appears,

    this is the first code of my homepage:
    & nbsp;
    <h4>Benvenuti nel sito dello Studio Legale Falcon</h4>

    Per proseguire, è sufficiente selezionare dal menu in alto una delle voci:

    with   there is the error scroll bar like this
    Do you know how to fix it?

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    sorry for the mistake, I’ve uploaded images in other ftp (website is not published yet)

    This is the first error I’ve found (only in the first underlined link), the footer is not in full witdh and there is a navigation bar at the footer side but only in this page, and it’s so strange
    Error footer

    The second problem is that the master slider plugin resize (and crop) my slides starting from the botton, as you can see in these images.
    This is the correct visualization
    correct size

    This is the crop error at lower resolutions

    I’ve search for a solution but didn’t found nothing in master sliders options.
    Is there any way to crop and resize the images starting from the top and not from the bottom?

    these are master slider options (all images are at 1800×600 pixel original resolution)
    master slider options

    Thanks in advance for support