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  • Hello,
    I feel like I have wasted too much time already with this theme. My WordPress is the last update and the PHP is now the most recent too.

    I read in your FAQ section:

    If you wish to request a refund within 14 days of your purchase, you must complete these 3 steps.
    Deactivate your theme license
    Delete ALL theme files from your website
    Delete ALL theme files from your computer
    Once completed the steps send an email to support [at] requesting a refund and confirm in writing you have completed these 3 steps.

    I did this and I sent an email to the address indicated, so I am expecting a refund.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    I am now DEACTIVATING the theme and I want my money back.
    Please act accordingly. Thanks.

    now I have php 7.0 and the site is the same. I CANNOT change typography.

    PHP version: native (5.4)

    If I click on “Inspect element” on a part of the options panel, I can change the typography there, like in debugging mode. That is strange.

    I deactivate all the plugins except the ones used in the theme.
    There are no errors in the JS console.

    The issues are:
    – I set a certain menu but on the mobile site I see another menu that is not set anywhere.
    – I cannot change typography in the paralle pro options. The options are greyed out.

    See my other thread.

    Oh, this is about the mobile website. Same.

    Yes I am sure.

    Why do you need that?
    The redux plugin is not working as the options are greyed out.