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  • it looks great

    Thank you


    Did you have a chance to look at the website and change the upper right button to be the same color as the blue button in the middle of the page. I would like them to look the same

    I sent you the unsername and password to my site for you to make the changes



    I just checked on my iPHONE and the words show up fine

    I checked on my wife
    s iPADand the words show fine
    it must just be a setting on my iPAD

    So I giess that is working fine

    IF you could just make the button in the upper right corner the same color as the button in the middle of the screen “Bood a FREE health planning session with Dr T”


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    one more thing while you are looking at the site. I would like to make the button in he upper right corner blue all the time instead of just when you hover over it. I would like it to look exactly like the button in the middle of the page



    A Little more information so the issue is understood
    I set up the widget > hero slider With white text over the images.
    works fine on a laptop or desktop
    Tablet and Mobile the pictures show up but there are not words or option buttons


    THanks for getting back so quick

    Ihave created a dummy site to learn how to use the theme. I will be reloading the theme on myrealwordpress sight thisweekend.

    I would assume that if youa added the buttons then they would disappear when I reloadthe sight live, is that correct?

    If yes let me get the real sight loaded and then I will have you add the buttons