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  • Thanks for your answer…

    I’m still on the lite version, so I don’t have access to the > Custom Code section.

    Is there any other way to edit this?

    Otherwise I’ll have to rewrite the testimonial to fit.


    I was using version,I updated it now, and most of it was corrected.

    There was one testimonial that the signature didn’t fix it.

    The 4th testimonial is missing the signature on mobile. Whilst on desktop it shows.


    PS: the image link is from my google drive, please right click on the broken link and chose open link in a new tab to see the image.

    Screen shot of Testimonial Slider

    On my slider there are 5 testimonials, and only one of them is short enough to fit in it. The rest of them gets chopped at the bottom, and there’s too much space left on its sides. It would look better if it took more of the screen on a mobile phone.

    Thanks for your answer. But, how about on mobile? I think there’s a margin or padding around the testimonial which takes most of the width making the text looks pretty weird…

    How can I change that?