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  • Hi, now I have nearly what I want.

    I have added this (.content {display:none;}) on additional css. Now I have tried a little bit with the pixels.

    But I don´t have the result that I want. On different devices I have different views. So that on some of them I need to scroll the background, it makes no sense.

    Is there a possibility to make this site automatically scaling for each device?

    Thank you. I know that is a free support from your side and I am really thankful for your help until here.

    Ok thx,

    do I have to choose a random value to make it looks fine on my screen, or is there a possibility to choose a value that scale automatically on all screens to the maximum to fit the whole page?


    this is my site:


    thank you for the answer.
    This step is clear, but I mean also not to show the the white bar under the picture:

    Is there a possibility to that the picture covers the whole site?