Advanced Customization

If you are looking for layout customizations beyond the settings built into the theme, it’s important to judge the nature of customization.

If it’s a simple layout change, it’s very likely achievable by using Custom CSS. However, for something not possible using either of these, a child theme is recommended.

Custom CSS

You can override the theme’s default styles with 2 methods.

  1. By entering custom css in the themes default stylesheet (styles.css file).
  2. Or in Integral Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS.

At the bottom of each section we’ve also added a field to append a custom CSS class. You can enter existing Bootstrap classes or enter your own.


WARNING: If you add custom CSS to the styles.css file it will be overwritten once you update the theme. It is recommended to add custom CSS in Integral Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS. Or you can opt to create a child theme; see below.

Child Theme

WPBeginner has a great article on How to create a WordPress Child Theme. Use Template: integral instead of twentyeleven.

Also, use @import url("../integral/style.css"); in the CSS file to import parent stylesheet.