Color, Style & Typography

The font style and typography settings are located in Integral Options > General Settings > Typography.

Here you can configure the following:

  1. Body font styles
  2. Home Page H2 Big Titles – Applies to main section titles (Work, About, Services & Contact)
  3. Home Page H2 Small Titles – Applies to sub-section titles (Project Single, Project Grid, Our Clients, Skills & Pricing Table)

For typography, we use Google Web Fonts.

Main Theme & Buttons Color

Configure the main theme color to be used for links, highlights and the main colored button.

  1. Go to Integral Options > General Settings > Colors.
  2. Select a color you like.
  3. Experiment to get the best effect.


About Character Sets — Advanced

Non-latin script based languages will not display correctly when using the default fonts. This is because, to limit size, only latin charset is included by default.

To get the fonts to display correctly, you will have to tick the character sets for your language. Some latin-based languages required Latin Extended.

Note If all else fails, you can use the System Fonts show towards the end of the drop down choices.