How to import widgets into WordPress

In this tutorial we discuss how to import widgets into WordPress.

Step 1: Install Widget Importer & Exporter Plugin

To import and export widgets from one site to another, first you need to install the plugin. You can install the plugin from WordPress plugin repository.

Download WordPress Widget Import & Export Plugin

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, navigate to Tools >> Widget Importer & Exporter.


Step 2: Import and Export widget

Once you click on Widget Importer & Exporter under Tools menu you’ll reach to the page like below screenshot:Widget-Importer-Exporter-page

How to import Widgets?

In Importing process you can upload the exported file created by the plugin into your new site. Select the .wie extension file and then click on Import Widget button.


Once you click on Import Widgets button, you’ll see the result like below screenshot:


Widgets that are not added in your widget area are imported. As you can see in above screenshot Imported is written in front of those widgets which are imported through export file. The widgets that are already exists have written Widget already exists in front of them.

Note: If your file doesn’t have .wie extension, it will show error.

If you want to manage the widgets settings then you click on Widget link just above your imported widget details.

We hope this simple tutorial will help you to easily import and export widget settings from one site to another. Widget Importer & Exporter is the easiest plugin. You don’t have to put any efforts or time in configuring this plugin. Simply export the file and import it to another site.