How to configure Tweets section settings

Integral uses the TweetScroll plugin by Pixel Industry.

TweetScroll is jQuery plugin that displays latest tweets from your Twitter account or multiple accounts using new oAuth API 1.1.

Plugin Options

There are eight parameter in this plugin which can be changed according to your needs.

username – your username or list of usernames
time – include time when tweet was published
limit – how many tweets you want to show
replies – set this to true if you want to show “Replay” link
data_format – ‘style1’ – DD/MM/YYYY or ‘style2’ – MM/DD/YYYY or (NEW!) ‘style3’ – example: ‘2 minutes ago’
position – how you want to show tweets, append or prepend
animation – how you want to animate your tweets. There are four different options: [slide_up, slide_down, fade, false]. False means that tweets won’t scroll
visible_tweets – how many tweets you want to be visible in one time
speed – scroll animation speed
delay – time between scrolls
url_new_window – open URLS in new window
request_url – URL to PHP file where request is sent (by default tweets.php)
logo – enable twitter logo to be place before tweet
profile_image – add profile image before tweet

These parameters can be changed in the themes footer.php file between line 57-67.